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Project Overview
Project Overview

Anytime our retail client's business users were in need of personal information, they were required to submit requests to the privacy team. This often created an unnecessary delay for projects.

Due to weak business processes and a lack of understanding of privacy requirements, Concord was engaged to help create easy-to-understand privacy prerequisites, training tools and solutions, and implement them into existing business processes.

Results area

Concord engaged in deep dive interviews with multiple business partners to better understand the business needs and identified repeatable business processes to create detailed privacy requirements for relevant marketing and customer insight topics.

The Concord team created and delivered training to five teams in the pilot PASS (Privacy as a Self Service) program and developed easy-to-use tools to support business partners and make them more accountable for complying with privacy requirements.

Ultimately, Concord empowered the business users to make privacy-informed decisions without slowing down projects and developed consistent privacy requirements to be used by the privacy team during consultations. We removed the need to reinvent the wheel!

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