Business Processes... Meet Quality Assurance
Finding Fulfillment in Automation
Cloud Applications & Integration
In a world of instant gratification, can your fulfillment center keep up?
Accelerating Time to Market
Cloud Applications & Integration
Too slow to market? Time for a digital transformation.
Concord Getting Back on the Grid Case Study
Information Security
The grid system received a full makeover treatment...security-style.
The Need for Speed
Cloud Applications & Integration
Users are notoriously impatient. Don't keep them waiting!
Protecting Networked Devices for Healthcare Client
Information Security
The number of networked devices are increasing...so are the number of data issues associated with them. Prevent a breach, protect yourself.
Modernizing Infrastructure with MuleSoft
Cloud Applications & Integration
Even the best products can never make up for poor implementation.
MuleSoft ESB for Patient Report Healthcare Concord
Cloud Applications & Integration
Scattered health information is bad for the patient and the provider.
Quality Assurance Testing and Program Development for Healthcare.
Digital & User Experience
Quality assurance is changing in the era of continuous improvement.