Business Processes... Meet Quality Assurance
Health Care Case Study - Acquisition Made Easy
Data Solutions & Analytics
Acquisitions are notoriously complex – but your data management doesn’t have to be.
Health and Human Services Case Study
Cloud Applications & Integration
Crushing a crucial system flaw with the cloud - the transportation management story.
Simplifying Logistics, Saving Money
Cloud Applications & Integration
Delivering products is easy enough. Delivering products efficiently and cost effectively takes strategy.
Business Capability Modeling IT Asset Assessment
Advisory Services
Taking a business inventory is the first step to overhauling operations...and finding costs to eliminate.
Fraud Detection
Data Solutions & Analytics
Fraud detection is essential, but it shouldn't break the bank (literally or metaphorically).
PCI Compliance for Retail Clients
Information Security
The security of cardholder data rests in your hands - make sure you stay up to snuff.
Digital & User Experience
What do you get when you cross a winning idea with rapidly increasing demand? A scaling problem.
Telemetry Data Analytics
Data Solutions & Analytics
Collecting data for every vehicle on the road is no small task. Concord takes on the data analytics management challenge.