Business Processes... Meet Quality Assurance
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Reducing defects by 93% with an effective test automation framework.
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Cloud Applications & Integration
Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable data-driven marketing and customer personalization.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Improvements to pipeline reduced processing time by 35%
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Optimization of Tableau led to data being available to stakeholders when needed.​
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Using Tableau Prep Builder, Concord created a data model for our client's Executive Marketing Funnel dashboard.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
We create a unified place to store, manage, and report on CMS data.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Managing value-based arrangements and coordinating data across payor functions is no longer a pipe dream.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Meeting the self-insured market demand for innovative products with predictable payment models is daunting.