Business Processes... Meet Quality Assurance
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Cloud Applications & Integration
Our unique application helps health plans quickly and efficiently increase their STAR rating.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Our healthcare clients take advantage of a growing business line to increase enrollment, improve STAR rating, and create better care outcomes.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
We covered the cost of our client's CDP by finding marketing suppression cost savings.
Team of employees working at a customer service call center in a bright and sunny room
Data Solutions & Analytics
We saved our client $500k by identifying customer service cost savings through Artificial Intelligence!
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Cloud Applications & Integration
We gave our client a competitive edge by re-imagining their enterprise data and analytics approach.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
Team awarded Best New Technology 2022 from the Digital Analytics Association.
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Digital & User Experience
Improving the customer experience led to an 800% increase in digital revenue.
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Data Solutions & Analytics
We found profitable new keywords for our global financial services client - and saved them money in the process!