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Project Overview
Project Overview

If you’re the Health and Human Services agency, your top priority is healthy, happy constituents. Faced with transportation management issues, our Midwest state government client needed a way to enable county agencies to effectively book and manage rides for health-needy customers.

Through a series of workshops, Concord uncovered a crucial system flaw. With ridership approval needed at the state health and human services level and over 300 service vehicles managed at the county level, quick cross-communication was essential. More often than not, however, communication lag occurred and the frequency of requests was more than the state had capacity to handle. This left needy riders to seek alternative means of transportation, while service vehicles ran empty.

Results area

Concord designed a cloud-based, health-centric ride share system for the seven-county area. This allowed real-time approval for rides from the state level and an analytics program to handle reimbursement management, oversee all vehicles and their capacities, and provide route details via web, tablet and mobile form factors to riders.

As a result, the solution choreographed end-to-end logistics and transportation lifecycle for health-needy riders and increased ridership by 800% without adding any new vehicles. Goal met – and then some!

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