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Consolidating Data Centers

Project Overview
Project Overview

A lot changes over the course of a decade…especially when it comes to technology. Throughout the last ten years, our information services client acquired more than 300 physical data centers all over the world. To gain greater control and reduce operational risk, they decided to integrate their data centers and migrate to the cloud.


Concord led the project management initiatives of a four year data center consolidation program focused on migrating all 300+ data centers to Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform.

Results area

Concord managed the multi-million dollar project and successfully migrated four sites within the same business unit, starting with the largest physical data center comprised of over 1,300 servers. The Concord team emphasized the importance of communication and documentation, keeping all stakeholders updated on the migration process and creating lasting records on each server migrated to the cloud.


The best part? Consolidation of data centers significantly decreases the cost of facilities and burden on IT and operations personnel. Our client realized annual savings of $450,000 after just two years of operating in the cloud – which is no small chunk of change. In addition to these cost savings, our client enjoys shorter time-to-market, cost-effective disaster recovery, and a streamlined utility model. It’s safe to say their data fog has been lifted…to the cloud.

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