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A Comprehensive Patient View

Project Overview
Project Overview

Whether a relationship spans many years or a few minutes, healthcare providers are expected to be experts on their patient’s health. A comprehensive view of the patient’s medical history is essential to enable real-time decisions. While that might sound simple enough in practice, it is rarely a reality. As a patient receives different types of care, their health information is scattered across various systems and data formats – making reporting a nightmare.

Concord was called in by our healthcare provider client to consolidate this data into an internal-facing, real-time report. The goal was to give doctors the ability to view primary care provider information and laboratory pending-results statuses, while consolidating patient information from disparate systems. Oh, it also needed to run within their legacy EPIC system to maintain consistency throughout patient consultations. A tall order, no doubt.

Results area

With data scattered across internal and third-party applications, the Concord team collected requirements from business users and built a solution that could cleanly tie all relevant patient/provider information together, including pathology reporting and provider entry. All this, while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and HIPAA compliance, due to the sensitive nature of protected health information.

Using MuleSoft as an ESB engine and relying on the HL7 protocol, Concord built an integrated report that lived in the legacy EPIC system. This ultimately provided an on-demand view of a patient’s provider, pending lab results, and demographic and medical history information, which connected data that was previously thought to be unusable. By collating related information, these new reports provided 360 degree patient views that had never before been available. The result? Accurate, fact-based care and a richer patient experience.

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