Cloud Modernization Solutions

Cloud Applications
A More Resilient & Effective Cloud

As business in the Cloud constantly shifts and evolves, implementing an agile strategy for managing your Cloud assets should be a top priority. If your Cloud infrastructure is in place, we’re the cloud application modernization consultancy best suited to build on it by integrating backend systems and mapping out the most effective processes. We’ll simplify your tooling, help you generate more value from your investment, and set you up to operate more successfully in the Cloud.

Cloud arch
Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Whether you're just getting started in the Cloud or need to optimize your investment, we’ll develop customized and adaptable strategies scaled for whatever’s ahead. 

App service
App & Service Evolution Cloud

No two Cloud application migrations are the same. Our Cloud team brings the unique vision to see through your nuanced issues and optimize any migration — no matter how cumbersome.

SOA &Microservices
SOA & Microservices

Cloud architecture decisions can lead to serious long-term consequences without an agile approach. We take design and implement resilient, integrated architecture solutions for whatever lies ahead. 

Infrastructure as Code & DevOps
Infrastructure as Code & DevOps

Ready to optimize performance and capacity? Continuous delivery and operations are our specialty.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

The spectrum of "as a Service" offerings can be daunting. We have you covered to make the right selections.

Dave Cyr

“The Cloud is the most game-changing and enabling technology out there but you can only maximize the value of your investment through proper governance, intentional work, and a mindset of continuous improvement. Concord approaches the Cloud with scaling and efficiency in mind, so you can get better at what you do and how you serve your customers.”