Cloud Integration
Cloud Integration
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The expansion of cloud computing and digital transformation resulted in a level of complexity few IT departments are equipped to handle on their own. Integrating these newer cloud offerings with existing data sets and legacy systems is no trivial task.


Our Cloud Applications & Integration experts help companies untangle their technology messes and create strategies that move the business forward – regardless of changing technology trends.

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Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Wherever you are in the cloud journey, the integration mavens at Concord customize a strategy that suits your individual needs. Whether you find yourself in the consideration phase or you've migrated your entire business, Concord helps make the most of your investment.

App & Service Evolution to Cloud

Your company is unique and no two application migrations are ever the same. We have the experience and know-how to confidently pull off any migration, no matter how messy or cumbersome.

SOA & Microservices

Architecture decisions are important and plentiful. Concord's cloud experts guide the decision-making process through every trade-off and adeptly implement. 

Infrastructure as Code & DevOps (CI/CD)

Interested in optimizing performance and capacity? Confident in your cloud security? Continuous delivery and operations is our specialty - consider your goals achieved.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

The spectrum of "as a Service" offerings can seem a bit daunting. Whether you're ready to launch or you need some help making a selection, we have you covered.