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Project Overview
Project Overview

Technology is a business accelerator…until it’s outdated and becomes a limiting factor. Our healthcare client focused on specialty disease care management needed to move from a legacy monolithic platform to a highly configurable hybrid-cloud platform. A classic case of digital transformation at its finest!

This healthcare services provider was internally resistant to change, but increasingly realized the need for an upgrade as their slow time to market on IT initiatives caused them to lag behind competitors. Further, they had difficulty with business-to-business integration and lacked a unified view of their data.

Concord stepped in with a plan – and action – to ensure the business was no longer limited by the capabilities of its technology platform. By focusing on key developmental pillars, we were able to help our client out of their technology rut

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After providing an initial architectural assessment and platform proof of concept, Concord completely overhauled the existing platform and upgraded to the version now in production. This immediately accelerated our client’s cloud adoption and validated the technology stack recommendation.

The next phase of Concord’s digital transformation effort included a successful release of the core platform MVP.  We focused on building core functional building blocks that are reusable across future applications, which will make migration to the new platform simpler. Currently, Concord is working to build and release the initial customer-facing application, taking advantage of the new platforms in place.

Our client is already reaping the benefits of re-platforming by enjoying much faster time to market, which can be measured in weeks instead of months, and the ease of providing on-demand development environments.

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