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Project Overview
Project Overview

Our client manufactures custom electronic components sold primarily online. They were in desperate need of a system that would enable customers to order and reorder their products , while being easily usable by a wide range of internal users and remaining compliant with safety, electronic, and physical restraints.

The existing solution was cumbersome, out-of-date, and required a high-level of user understanding to design a functioning component. Ultimately, it needed to go.

Results area

Concord facilitated joint requirement elicitation sessions to design and develop a web application from scratch which integrated seamlessly with their existing systems. The new application simplified the user experience with built-in equations that dynamically adjust as the user enters parameters, presenting them with maximum and minimum values available.

Perhaps more importantly, the Concord team developed a system that simplifies reordering, as well as make small adjustments to the previous orders to help users refine their prototypes. Our client experienced doubled reorder volume thanks to the streamlined process.

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