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Concord Ranked as Top 100 Consulting & Services Companies of 2021

Minneapolis | Friday, June 25, 2021

The Consulting Report announced The Top 100 IT Consulting and Services Companies of 2021. Awardees were selected based on their ability to deliver consistent best-in-class consulting and services backed by institutionalized technological expertise.


Included companies comprise the cohort that defines global IT market leadership and have done so by anticipating the needs of their clients and proactively building capabilities both in-house and through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.


90. Company: Concord
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

With a reputation for delivering premier digital solutions to clients including Fortune 500 companies, IT services firm Concord harnesses next-level digital advances to help businesses grow and thrive. Some of Concord’s most highly regarded services are in the fields of digital and user experience, cloud integration, information security, and data analytics.

Created and headquartered in Minneapolis, Concord has dedicated itself to fostering innovation in the next generation with scholarships and mentorship through its Concord Foundation. Concord also recently embarked on a new era of internationalism with its 2020 acquisition of the HyperAspect services team, forming Concord Europe last fall.


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