Digital & User Experience
Digital & User Experience
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We live our lives online. From smartphones to laptops, applications to websites, an increasing majority of our interactions with companies (and humans!) are taking place in the digital realm.


Concord’s Digital & User Experience capability focuses on making these interactions as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Put your best foot forward, digitally-speaking, and make sure your consumers keep coming back for more.


Interested in learning more? Meet our team, check out our interactive design and development practice, and read the latest thought leadership on our Concord Digital microsite.


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UX, UI & Visual Design

Captivate your customer with websites and applications that delight, inform, and make life simpler. The digital artisans at Concord make it possible - from concept to reality.

Responsive Web & Mobile App Design

Intuitive design is built into our very DNA. We've created every type of web and mobile application imaginable ranging from member portals to social apps. We know what works - and more importantly - what doesn't.

User Research & Usability Testing

As consumer's attention spans shrink ever smaller, the importance of user research and usability testing is growing vastly. Validate the efficacy of your website and applications with the help of the experienced professionals at Concord.

Content Strategy Management

The tools and services your company uses to store and optimize content are an important component of your digital strategy. Whether you're looking to launch a new system or optimize what you have, we can help.