Customer & Digital Product Experience Consulting

Digital & product experience
Experience Matters Most

Customers have higher expectations than ever, and they won’t tolerate a poor user experience for long. At Concord, we integrate design and development best practices with expertise in measuring and improving the performance of websites and applications. Our Customer & Digital Product Experience consulting solutions anticipate and optimize every touchpoint in the customer journey to deliver results that drive revenue.

Digital platform
Digital Platform Implementation

With experience and expertise implementing many of the premier tools and solutions for e-Commerce, Content Management, Marketing Communications, and Analytics, we can help you accelerate implementations or optimize existing tools. 

Connected Commerce
Connected Commerce

Emerging trends in retail prioritize new models that seamlessly blend digital and physical experiences. Whether B2C, B2B, Marketplace or anything in-between, we develop connected commerce solutions to increase your revenue from digital to in-store.

Responsive Web & Mobile App Development
Responsive Web & Mobile App Development

Providing modern digital experiences requires a dynamic approach. Our cross-functional, agile teams help accelerate these experiences by developing progressive web and native mobile apps using React and Angular platforms while constantly optimizing digital ecosystems.

User Research & Usability Testing
User Research & Usability Testing

As customers’ attention spans shrink, we constantly expand our UX testing and User Analytics capabilities. We test, learn, and refine until your customer-facing applications perform like the finely-tuned engine your business needs them to be.

Ryan Decker

"Our attention spans as customers continue to shrink. Users are less forgiving of a rough initial interaction with your company, so the importance of first impressions continually increases."