Business Strategy & Alignment
Business Strategy & Alignment
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Planning and preparation – maybe not the sexiest concepts, but crucial nonetheless as the first step in every project. Well…every project that you want to succeed.


Concord’s Advisory Services go much deeper than making Gantt charts and Venn diagrams (although we’re good at those, too). Our deep industry and domain expertise guides the approach we take with every initiative, which helps us get from planning to executing as quickly as humanly possible.

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Transformation Roadmaps

Reinventing your company for the digital future takes just a small amount of planning. Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work and are prepared to guide you through every step of the journey.

Capability Modeling

Adaptive. Accelerated. Agile. All words to describe your business after appropriately defining and documenting your capability model…and that’s just the A’s.   

Business Analysis

When coupled with communication, proper analysis is key to enabling change in an organization. Concord’s team of Business Analysts are ready to whip your toughest projects into shape.

Program Management

Delivery is our specialty. As organizations increasingly face pressures to execute projects - and fast - the smart minds at Concord help you plan, innovate, and meet critical business objectives.