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Project Overview
Project Overview

Our financial services client saw an opportunity to add greater value to their customers managing large fleets by providing a designated credit card with enhanced tracking and analytics capabilities. Prior to this service, fleet administrators and managers lacked the ability to measure actual versus desired performance, causing oversight to be a challenge and route costs to skyrocket.

Concord was engaged to help design and develop a system to capture the data, provide analytics, and integrate with the client’s legacy system.

Results area

As the first order of business, Concord’s team handled initial discovery for the opportunity at hand and outlined the system architecture. The primary challenge was integrating the new technology with legacy backend systems and building analytics from a limited data set – namely, card swipes at individual points in time. Our team worked with the client to develop a system that offered a rich and flexible set of features for fleets of any size:

  • Assignment of cards to vehicles
  • Exception monitoring & reporting
  • Authorization prompts at POS
  • Reporting on vehicles, drivers, miles per gallon, exceptions, and transaction detail
  • Flexible billing & payment

The new fleet credit card provides rich information to the fleet manager and gives more control over the fleet as a whole. Throughout the decade post-implementation, primary fleet operators showed year-over-year efficiency gains in the 15 – 25% range in terms of fuel usage and transportation miles.

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