Information Security
Information Security
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Yes, we deliver security solutions, but more than that, we’re here to provide peace of mind. Between the threat of data breach and malicious hacks to the concern of regulation compliance, there’s a lot to keep you up at night.


Our team of experienced Information Security professionals will meet you wherever you are in the security journey – and help make improvements to keep you out of hot water.


Interested in getting a picture of application security risk in your organization? Look no further! We developed a SAMM 2.0 calculator to simplify the scoring process and provide a benchmark against other organizations.


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Application Security

As cyber-attacks continue to proliferate and evolve, development teams face a growing challenge. Our AppSec/DevSecOps experts are here to help you anticipate and respond to the complex and rapidly changing security and compliance risks within your software portfolio. We can help build and accelerate your application security program and integration security capabilities and practices in your digital transformation and DevOps initiatives.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Your business is unique. Our security strategists take a holistic approach to assessing your risks and helping you create a security strategy and compliance plan perfectly tailored to you.

Whether your organization is trying to meet or maintain compliance, keeping up with changing regulations is complicated. Concord will assist with the challenges specific to each regulation. Let our experts help you achieve compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and CMMC, to name a few.

Security Program Development & Maturity

Leverage our extensive strategic planning, operational, and investigative experience to define or enhance your enterprise cyber security program. We equip you to make informed and practical cyber risk decisions given ever-present time, energy, and budget constraints.

Cloud Security Engineering & Automation

Cyber & cloud security and engineering is complicated. Our experts pinpoint the areas of greatest threats, develop a remediation plan, and execute to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks. We leverage principles of security-by-design to enable organizations to automate security capabilities and practices.

Strategic Security Staffing

Building and expanding your organization’s security team can be a time-consuming proposition, but you can’t afford to put your security program on hold in the meantime. Concord offers strategic security staffing to provide objective expertise when you need it most and help you expertly scale your security organization.