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Project Overview
Project Overview

Rapid growth is the dream of all entrepreneurs. However, keeping up with an ever-expanding user base is not always easy. Concord’s client owns a popular website designed to capture, tabulate, and rank youth sports results by state. After experiencing just such growth, our client realized a need for a redesigned portal with a more modern feel and the ability to scale to support larger volume and expand to other sports and associations.

Concord’s solution aims to combat the issues of unreliability and non-scalability, all while providing a modern, convenient experience across all browsers and devices.

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To achieve the client’s goals, Concord created the information architecture, wireframes, and visual designs for the new fully responsive portal. The development team built a series of iframes to support the design along with the web services and backend database to support the application. Concord data scientists also recreated the proprietary rankings algorithm through a reverse engineering exercise to ensure parity with the old system. Improving upon the original portal, the Concord team created an administrative console to allow the client to perform data management functions.

The fully responsive digital rankings portal dramatically improved user experience and supports the client’s desire to cross-sell to new clients and empowers the client with an administrative console.

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