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Project Overview
Project Overview

Technical debt is a slippery slope. As a pervasive issue in any IT department, it’s challenging to quantify the impact and, ultimately, justify the cost to remediate. Companies often end up in a desperate situation before they come to grips with their technical debt. That’s where this story starts.  

With no end in sight to project deadlines and major production issues burdening their team, our food services client was caught in a corner. They needed a quick fix to eliminate the threat of production issues and streamline business processes. 

Results area

To address the technical debt elephant in the room, the Concord team thoroughly analyzed the functionality of existing applications and articulated the nature of their technical debt, showing example after example of harmful patterns to avoid going forward. Our team refactored critical applications, demonstrating the logic and cost savings available by utilizing integration best practices.  

As a result, our MuleSoft experts significantly upgraded mainstay applications, doubled the efficiency of our client’s core business application, and empowered their IT support team to better understand issues and communicate impacts to decision-makers.  

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