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Modernizing Infrastructure with MuleSoft
Cloud Applications & Integration

Realizing ROI from Modernized Infrastructure

Project Overview
Project Overview

Regardless of company or industry, making an investment in a new platform is a big deal. Between the initial cost, integration with existing systems, and training new business users, there are many considerations on the path to successful implementation.

Our client, a national online University, made a significant investment in MuleSoft to modernize their infrastructure landscape and keep their corporate syllabus manageable and Application Programming Interface up-to-date, but quickly realized they lacked the architectural oversight to fully utilize the platform.

With a proven track record in integration and strong expertise in MuleSoft, Concord was engaged to create an implementation plan and kick-start use of the platform.

Results area

By shoring up existing Continuous Integration (CI) processes, adding a layer of security, and providing a roadmap to convert more than 400 legacy integrations into reusable APIs, Concord was able to fully migrate the MuleSoft platform and drive end-to-end processes.

In addition to building a messaging program and event catalogue for high value business events, Concord’s team provided the client with the opportunity to implement real-time communication, hardline a scalable architecture model for future integration services, and ultimately see the ROI anticipated with their original investment.

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