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The Need for Speed

Project Overview
Project Overview

A company providing a digital photo repository needed to upgrade their user experience. As an application aiming to connect people from around the world by digitizing and sharing their historic photographs, our client’s platform was too slow to handle the exponentially increasing user requests and failed to support different mobile and tablet devices. Worse yet, our client frequently experienced site limitations that caused the entire system to go down, all while facing steadily increasing costs.

Concord stepped in to optimize the system by utilizing best practices and caching mechanisms to improve the speed of requests and offload the servers.

By redesigning the application from scratch, starting with the deployment mechanism, Concord developed custom scripts and fixed flawed architecture to correct issues causing site load delays. The development team opted to migrate from a non-relational to a relational model found in Google Cloud SQL. During this process, we normalized the database, repaired all indices to reflect the appropriate queries, and created a more granular backup mechanism in Google Cloud Storage.

Results area

The Concord team completely overhauled the client’s application to create greater scalability, reduce costs across multiple services, and improve performance and handling of increasing datasets. Where it previously took over 3 seconds to load around 100 photos, the site now rapidly processes hundreds of thousands of photos. As a result, our client’s customers are responding more positively to the site, visiting more frequently, and extending their time on the social platform.

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