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Cloud Applications & Integration

Enhancing the Customer Journey

Project Overview
Project Overview

Every customer connection point is crucial in retail and ecommerce. Miss the mark and loyalty will undoubtedly wane.  


To improve personalization capabilities and create a cohesive omnichannel experience, our retail client aimed to migrate to a new cloud platform and roll-out a personalized loyalty program.  


Their existing cloud infrastructure was a limiting factor in achieving key customer experience goals, and they were struggling to drive repeat customer engagement. They realized the need for a scalable solution to integrate their email marketing and loyalty program platforms. Moreover, they wanted to develop better reporting to design relevant experiences and increase customer interactions. 

Results area

Concord engaged to help provide a comprehensive solution to meet their customer journey needs. We helped our client migrate away from an inefficient, costly cloud platform and implement a complete Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) solution. We were engaged to help our client migrate away from an inefficient cloud platform and implement a complete SFMC solution.


As a result, our client has: 

  • Delivered approximately 4.5 million targeted emails for their loyalty program in less than one month after implementation. 

  • Integrated teams and third-party personalization tools to fulfill email personalization needs and complete the roll-out of their loyalty program. 

  • Implemented an SMS marketing and email solution that is fully optimized to harness existing data and cross-channel communication. 

  • Created email templates and reusable content blocks to drive operational efficiency and consumer demand. 

  • Built reports and visualization dashboards that highlight consumer trends and email performance analytics, which improved decision-making processes for both the email marketing and loyal program platforms. 

  • Reduced operational costs and provided enhanced marketing capabilities. 

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