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Concord drives innovative solutions to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement

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Concord understands the rapidly changing healthcare environment and provides business and technology solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whatever the challenge – be it understanding the costs of care, optimizing administrative costs, improving treatment outcomes, or enhancing consumer experience – we’ve got you covered. We design and develop to serve the audiences who matter to you most – patients, providers, caregivers, and administrators. Our extensive experience comes from years of working with the largest payers and providers in the country, who trust us to deliver on their most critical initiatives.
Healthcare Expertise
Operational Efficiency
  • Core platform integration
  • Pricing process consolidation
  • Administrative cost reduction & payment optimization
  • Benefits management automation
  • Improved regulatory & compliance reporting
Data & Analytics
  • Medical informatics
  • Member 360 viewpoint
  • Fraud & abuse prevention
  • Enterprise data lake & data management
Managing Quality of Care
  • Treatment outcomes & disease prevention
  • Cross-system patient treatment management
  • Improved accessibility & application of data for care management
Consumer Engagement
  • Enhanced design & usability of consumer-centric platforms
  • Optimized member & patient interaction
  • Simplified call center & customer service experience
  • Seamless design & implementation of end-user mobile platform
Quality Assurance Testing and Program Development for Healthcare.
Digital & User Experience
Quality assurance is changing in the era of continuous improvement.
Health Care Case Study - Acquisition Made Easy
Data Solutions & Analytics
Acquisitions are notoriously complex – but your data management doesn’t have to be.
Yoga at sunset
Data Solutions & Analytics
Saving our client $2 million? All in a day's work with our decommissioning solution.
Skyscraper in the clouds
Data Solutions & Analytics
Growing is great. Growing pains...are avoidable. Concord helps a healthcare client with MDM integration.
User Experience
Digital & User Experience
An outdated portal gets a makeover.
Privacy Please
Information Security
Dealing with PHI, you can't afford to treat it as an after-thought.
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