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WTF is Wrong with Data Governance?

Minneapolis  |  October 30

Everyone knows they have to “do data governance,” but historical methods and approaches do little more than create headaches. In a recent study by New Vantage Partners, 72% of businesses lack a data culture, despite increasing investments in data and AI. When organizations do invest in data, however, they see significant advantages from financial performance to increased marketing prowess.


Published author Laura Madsen outlines a revolutionary way to modernize data governance with pragmatic, feasible steps to align the work to the value that data can bring. In this exclusive breakfast session, we cut through the bullshit to get to the core of the issue:


  • How to find valuable insights in your data
  • How to build a resilient and responsive data governance program
  • Three takeaways you can apply immediately when you get back to your office to get things started


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