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Twin Cities MuleSoft User Group

February 18 | Minneapolis

MuleSoft Meetups are community-led events, bringing users together to explore, teach and learn about API-led connectivity by sharing use cases and hands-on exercises.


Join us as Concord hosts the Q1 2020 Twin Cities MuleSoft Meetups event! To register or learn more, please click here.



4:00 PM | Check-in & Social Hour

4:30 PM | Welcome, Introductions and Host Intro

4:45 PM | Introduction to Runtime Fabric

5:30 PM | Demo on a recursive and overloaded Dataweave function to traverse a payload

5:40 PM | Demo on how to use a flat file definition read/write data

5:50 PM | Health Care EDI processing in Mule

6:00 PM | Sharing tips and tricks

6:10 PM | Happy Hour & Networking
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