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Relevant Health Roundtable November Panel

Healthcare's Investment in Digital | Minneapolis

The best digital experience is seamless, intuitive, and, dare we say it, downright delightful. Historically lacking in this area, the healthcare industry turned to retail for innovation…but now there’s a chance to chart a new course by taking advantage of digital trends from other organizations.

Today, healthcare startups and giants alike are investing in talent from customer-obsessed companies to improve their digital presence. In our latest panel, we ask the experts to divulge how ‘right place - right time’ messaging and digital programs can drive consumer engagement and change across the board.


Meet the Panelists

Meg Rush | Digital Transformation Consultant | M. Rush Consulting

Mark Hansberry | Chief Marketing Officer | HealthPartners

Sarah Leeth | Marketing Director | Minnesota Wild



To learn more about attending this invitation-only event, please visit the Relevant Health Roundtable website.
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