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OWASP Chapter Meeting 2019

Minneapolis | December 3

Concord is pleased to host the December OWASP MSP Chapter Meeting at our headquarters in Hopkins, Minnesota! Our Senior Information Security Architect Yan Kravchenko will be speaking about using SAMM 2.0 to assess an App Sec Program.


Assessing Application Security Programs with SAMM 2.0

SAMM 2.0 is about to be released and organizations may begin using it for assessing their Application Security Programs. This presentation will focus on tools and techniques for performing SAMM 2.0 assessment. In addition to the latest news about the project, the presentation will cover actionable suggestions for evaluating the organization’s Application Security maturity. This will include information gathering techniques as well as the most effective visualizations for presenting the SAMM 2.0 scorecards.

Additionally, the presentation will cover methods for creating and managing a SAMM Maturity Roadmap in order to manage and measure progress towards a more optimized and effective Application Security program.


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