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Evolytics Awarded Two 2022 Digital Analytics Association Quanties Awards

John Carney earns Digital Analytics Association's Top Consultant Award, Analytics Development Team wins Best New Technology Award.

The Digital Analytics Association recently announced that Evolytics, a Concord company, won two 2022 Quanties Awards — the analytics industry’s most prestigious annual recognition. Data Science Architect John Carney won Top Analytics Consultant and Evolytics won Best New Technology for the development team’s  Adobe Launch Extension for Google Ads Enhanced Conversions. 


John was recognized for his work developing high-performing machine learning programs for a Fortune 500 enterprise client, and his overall ability to evolve data science and analytics programs. After years of developing the business intelligence capabilities for the subscription-based service client, John was asked if he could leverage his machine learning expertise to drive additional revenue. The resulting initiative involved deploying machine learning models designed to increase upsell and cross-sell conversions and retain more customers through enhanced personalization. John’s models were based on defining which customer-lifetime value strategy would prove most successful. 


John’s team partnered with the client team to:


  • Simplify an existing, unnecessarily complicated modeling framework. 
  • Predict upgrade, cross-sell, and churn prospects.
  • Personalize upgrade and cross-sell recommendations.
  • Automate optimizations by integrating models into marketing workflows.
  • Build the infrastructure and develop a process for model management.
  • Future-proof models against changes in the organization’s risk tolerance.


His team’s best model tripled upgrades, and the overall program saw a 75 percent increase over previous performance in the first two quarters after launch.


The Digital Development Team was recognized for partnering with Adobe on a server-side extension that enhances Google Ads conversion data. The Google Ads Enhanced Conversions Extension for the Adobe Experience Platform empowers marketers to leverage the Google Ads Enhanced Conversions API without writing complicated, time-consuming code.


Evolytics worked closely with Adobe to bring this new technology to market in June 2022. The Extension:


  • Helps businesses leverage the latest Google Ads Enhanced Conversions API.
  • Sends customer data securely and accurately with built-in normalization and hashing options.
  • Improves Google Ads conversions by enhancing measurement, bidding, and reporting data.


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