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Ensure your customers always get a compelling and dynamic user experience.

First impressions are everything. Now more than ever, humans critically evaluate each technology interaction they have. There's more to crafting the perfect experience than meets the eye. Concord's experts understand end user needs and underlying technology enablers - be it an internal business user, a potential customer or anyone in between - and consider every nuance to build the desired experience.

Concord is ahead of the game when it comes to user experience. We focus on problem solving first, then prioritize design work. All this while continuously focusing on delivering outputs that add the most value and meet the needs of businesses and their users.

Responsive Design. By combining design thinking with the latest web technologies, we are able to create websites and applications that present optimized views for a wide range of devices and screen resolutions.

Mobile First. We strive to start with mobile devices in mind first when designing and developing websites and applications. This helps emphasize clear organization, concise content and lightweight code, and ensures your users are never out of reach.

Cross Platform. Developing applications that work seamlessly on multiple operating systems and device types is a must with our UI + UX experts.

Collaborative Design. We encourage collaboration between business and technology partners (and, if possible, end users) in the design process by facilitating design conversations. This is a valuable exercise to clarify requirements, identify gaps and make sure we all agree on what’s most important.

Iterative (Agile) Design. We excel at achieving shorter feedback loops, fewer major revisions and shorter time from concept to implementation with our practice of designing large projects in small phases.

Multi-Disciplinary. Unicorns do exist! Our designers know what is possible, because we know how to build it - not just make pretty pictures. Our experts have experience in most areas of the UI + UX workflow and can often design AND develop solutions.

Accessibility. We maintain compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means any individual can utilize our sites/apps with assistive technologies such as screen readers and alternatives to using a mouse.
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