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Data Analytics Capability

Use your data to drive better business decisions.

We all know data is everywhere and data is valuable. The challenge is harnessing its power to create predictability and make informed business decisions – all in real-time. Concord’s data scientists wade through the deepest data lakes to find the gems your business needs to improve – be it increased sales, enhanced employee performance or anything else you may desire.

Any of this sound familiar? Let us help!

Strategic projects: Are you struggling with data availability (i.e. across multiple systems)?
Creating value from big data investments: Have you ‘sunk big money into big data lakes’ with little business value to show for it?
Marketing analytics & retail: Has your customer data shifted dramatically to include a variety of sources and channels? Are you struggling to leverage analytics to drive marketing strategies and increase revenue?
Health care informatics: Are your healthcare clients feeling the squeeze of consolidation and profitability pressure? Is it becoming critical to manage data assets in a more analytic fashion vs. old school reporting silos?
Internet of Things (IoT): Are you experiencing an increase in devices, data and security challenges?
Synergy across practices: Are you struggling to figure out where analytics fits into your organization?