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Azure User Group

Microsoft Office | March 7

Hosted by the Minnesota Azure User Group, Concord is proud to sponsor the March event! This meeting will cover Azure Notebooks by Cameron Vetter, a principal cloud consultant and software development professional. 


Machine Learning and Data Science are the hot technologies everyone is chasing this year, but sharing Machine Learning solutions is more complicated than simple source control. How do you share the process that allowed you to arrive at your solution? How do you effectively communicate between Data Scientists and Developers? How do you make it pretty so that you can present the work to non-technical stakeholders? This talk answers these questions using Azure Notebooks:


• What are Azure Notebooks? How do they fit into the Azure Ecosystem?
• What is Jupyter? What are it’s strengths and weaknesses?
• Mixing code snippets and execution results
• Data Visualization for presentation and analysis
• Markdown for exposition and formatting
• Sharing and Source Control


You’ll leave with an understanding of Jupyter and Azure Notebooks and understand how to apply Azure Notebooks to real-world problems.


To register, please visit the MN Azure Meetup page.
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