Our Values
Concordian: noun [kahn-cor-dee-uhn] An individual exemplifying Concord's core values.

Core Values

Our values drive our every decision and our overall direction. They must be definable and they must be understood by all. Here are Concord’s Core Values, written down for all to see.


Winning is awesome, but beyond just getting a trophy, we love the act of playing in the game. Whether it's a tactical session at the whiteboard or the routine of lacing up our skates, we live for the competition.

Do The Right Thing

We don't claim to have all the answers or hit the mark 100% of the time, but if right exists, and we believe it does, we will pursue it every time.


At the heart of what we do, we solve problems. We take action. We get results. If we are going to impact change, we must be concerned with the practical steps to get there.


Intelligence isn't enough. Classrooms and cubicles around the globe are filled with people who scored well on their ACTs or got into MENSA. We are drawn to people who apply their intelligence to every relationship and decision they encounter.

Will-Do Attitude

We all can do a lot, but few of us do. In fact, most people look for ways to get out of work. When we look at a situation, we recognize the gaps and fill them, no matter what it takes.