Alignment is key to driving success. While it is tricky to de-couple ‘Align’ from ‘Define,’ we first align people with people and people with processes. Aligning people is critical. Successful business endeavors require getting the right people in the room. Yet, all too often, we settle for less. In contrast, we force alignment by getting key players in the room early and often throughout the project. Then we can focus on aligning people to processes. Processes take many forms, but we must acknowledge, define, and act upon them.



There is no bigger project killer than a lack of definition. Clear definitions lead to a successful project. We define everything – whether broader concepts like success or individual terms and words. Sometimes even the most common words carry different definitions among team members. Consistent definitions – even when the process seems like a waste of time – create true alignment.



Our clients demand that we execute on our plans. We do so by developing our skilled resources to think with the align-define mentality. This causes good people to deliver great results.