From on premise struggles with high costs to cloud excellence and operational efficiency, Concord covers the entire cloud migration journey.
There are two basic cloud migration scenarios. Your organization is either migrating from on premise, local data centers to a public cloud or from one public cloud to another. Now, there are many reasons why you might be faced with this decision. Perhaps you’re looking for optimized maintenance and operating costs or you need help scaling your systems and business. Maybe the notion of streamlining and simplifying operational processes interests you or you’re looking to start using the security and features of a public cloud. Global organizations often migrate to provide a homogenous experience to their worldwide customers. Whatever the reason, consider this your first stop to making the right cloud migration choices.
Signs It's Time for Cloud Migration
  • Scaling issues with your currents systems data capacity and performance
  • Growing costs for current on premise infrastructure
  • Maxed out peak loads with on premise or cloud-to-cloud setup
  • Difficulty deploying new functionality to market
  • Lacking self-service provisioning
  • Dissatisfaction with current cloud provider or on premise data center
  • Trouble retaining and training infrastructure teams
Concord Can Help!
  • Create end-to-end CxO and board proof cloud migration strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Develop architecture for specific cloud migrations
  • Redesign existing cloud migration architecture
  • Migrate specific assets or multiple applications to the cloud
  • Analyze which apps to migrate and which to leave native


Concord developed an end-to-end cloud migration program that serves as a backbone for our engagements, but no two migrations are exactly alike. We will always adjust to your specific cloud migration needs.

    • Develop the cloud migration business case to quantify cost and benefits
      • Processes, applications, company assets to migrate
      • Define the right objectives for the migration
      • Licensing and capacity issues and research
    • Analyze your existing setup and understand your IT portfolio
      • Existing network and hardware design like OS, Application Frameworks, Firewalls Databases, Network Infrastructure, BI, Load balancers, SANs, CDNs, Email Hosting, MySql, Application code
      • What services are you running, how many servers and amount of data is being maintained in terms of services, ports, apps, servers, IPs etc.
      • Find-out application dependencies
    • Choose the right cloud platform, model, technological setup and tools to use
      • Hybrid vs Public model
      • Methods for approaching the migration - Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild or Replace
      • Data migration tools, security, monitoring, reporting etc.
    • Architect and design the new cloud environment, including developing the migration roadmap
    • Align security policies with the migration plan and implementation roadmap, define security policies for deployment groups
    • Connect new endpoints from code, databases, libraries etc.
    • Leverage and test the application emulating your host file or using the website previewer
    • Schedule and prepare the Live/Staging/Development migration and DNS switch.
    • Change DNS records to point to the new server IP
    • Define a lifecycle management for data
    • Content migration – low latency and response time
    • Database and SSH access? Via VPN or fixed IP
    • Master-Slave configurations
    • Crons setup for data from SAN Storage
    • Email notifications and configuration
    • Validate applications
    • Turn off old systems and technological landscape
    • Put in place iteration models of modernization
    • Enable and train technical stuff for maintenance
    • Or setup vendor support teams
    • Automate reporting, monitoring and cost optimization



Concord has mastered end-to-end cloud strategy and implementation. The largest Fortune 500 companies trust us with their most challenging cloud migrations.


  • Engage with a team of highly skilled, cloud agnostic experts across all the major public clouds, including Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and SAP Hana Cloud
  • Enjoy a customer and business-centric approach where we solve business problems through top-notch technological implementations
  • Save time by reusing our implementation knowledge in selecting the technological stacks with the best automation tools




"We are seeing accelerated cloud adoption across many of our clients, as early security concerns and competition among the top public cloud providers has driven more innovation and flexibility in migrating legacy services to the cloud."

- Eric Carr, Concord's Director of Cloud Applications & Integration