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Rewards and Loyalty Gets a Facelift

Project Overview
Project Overview

Del Taco was aiming to reinvent their loyalty solution by adopting a new customer rewards strategy and performing a migration from their previous loyalty technology provider, Punchh, to Cheetah Digital. As part of this migration, Del Taco was aiming to launch a brand-new loyalty app for web, iOS and Android. Additionally, Del Taco was seeking a way to seamlessly weave rewards into the order + pay process, whether the customer was in-store, online, or using the app. 


Concord first worked with the business to define a new rewards and loyalty strategy – encompassing a new rewards model, a new UI/UX design, and a new technical architecture. Concord worked with Del Taco to define requirements and complete development for the front end across mobile and web channels. 


React and React Native accelerator libraries were used to develop a custom application, which used an orchestration layer to compose the end-user experience within the presentation layer. Using web component patterns and micro frontends, the solution incorporated search, CDP data, SSO, content, commerce, and edge computing to allow Del Taco patrons to review their account, their loyalty status, and redeem earned loyalty units for rewards.  

Results area

Through the introduction of this solution – which encompassed web and mobile app – Del Taco obtained a highly flexible and future-proof architecture, allowing them to easily add new features and integrations, as needed.  


Using a broker, new features and integrations are simply integrated to the orchestration layer, with data ingested into discreet UI componentry.  


Concord continues to provide ongoing feature development for messaging, surveys, analytics, gamification, and order flow enhancements for Del Taco. 

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