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Digital & User Experience

Digital Transformation for Customized Experiences

Project Overview
Project Overview

Working in a complex landscape of account representatives, product teams, channel and technology partners, and customers, Genetec needed a website that could support a diverse set of requirements. This called for a digital transformation that centered on a new digital experience platform (DXP), the development of a custom front-end application, and the adoption of a new strategic and modern customer experience. Encompassing all the Genetec web properties the initiative aimed to establish a consistent and highly targeted experience to promote conversions across the customer journey and increase online sales.  


Concord began with a discovery phase where all requirements, strategic direction and a vision for the future-state were defined.  


Additionally, through a series of interviews and surveys, valuable insights into Genetec’s audiences, the way they wanted to engage with the brand, and experience maps in granular customer insights, goals and preferences were gathered. Using the constructed experience maps, Concord then worked with Genetec to craft the future state experience, represented though interactive wireframes, in alignment with Genetec brand guidelines.   


A technical solution with a scalable design, in accordance with the client’s needs, was also developed. Design details included architecture, single page applications (SPAs), workflow, security, content modeling, services, and all integrations and served as a roadmap for the development effort. Leveraging a collaborative model, this process also ensured that the designed solution aligned with specific needs of the Genetec users and teams who would be leveraging the platform in the future-state. 


Following the discovery phase, Concord set up, installed and configured the new content management system (CMS) in a headless model, enabling its use within a composable architecture.  


Concord completed an end-to-end redesign for and associated portals, which included the implementation of a new headless DXP, commerce functionality, and a SPA written in React.js.  

Results area

Developed as a SPA, Concord delivered a high-performing, accessible and highly interactive experience for the Genetec customer and partner-base leveraging the principles of composable architecture. The architecture brought together content, search, SSO, CPQ, and third party databases and platforms to drive a unified experience. 

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