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Reduced Speed to Real-Time Campaign Insights by >95%​

Project Overview
Project Overview

Our healthcare client was having difficulty obtaining timely insights into the performance of their marketing campaigns. Additionally, the client was relying on manual processes performed by others within the organization, which was leading to reporting delays and missed opportunities.


To address these challenges, Concord implemented Adobe Analytics classification rules, revolutionizing the way our client extracted and transformed elements from tracking codes. ​

By automatically converting top values into human-readable formats, these insights became readily available. Simultaneously, our client continued populating more granular elements through existing uploads, ensuring a comprehensive view of campaign performance.

Results area

The Concord team successfully: 


  • Improved classification time for key data from 1 week or more to approximately 4 hours.​

  • Eliminated reliance upon manual processes for key elements. This elimination of barriers enabled seamless access to key insights. The client gained a more comprehensive understanding of current campaign performance without the delays and errors associated with a manual process.​

  • Empowered data-driven insights by providing new tools and next-level automation.

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