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Recoup CDP Cost with Marketing Suppression Savings

Project Overview
Project Overview


Our healthcare client faced a difficult situation when needing to reduce their marketing spend while maintaining – or increasing – enrollment during their Medicare Insurance annual enrollment period (AEP).



Concord identified opportunities for cost containment under a tight timeline during our client’s October to December AEP by focusing on marketing suppression cost savings. Our team took a three-step approach:


  • Selection. We guided the process to select a Customer Data Platform.
  • CDP Implementation. We partnered with Tealium to set up Audience Stream CDP before the annual enrollment period.
  • Segmentation. We identified audiences to target or suppress for reduced cost of acquisition and increased return on investment including exclusion audiences of existing customers and cart abandoners.
Results area
  • Recouped the entire cost of the CDP through marketing suppression cost-savings​
  • Integrated customer data from multiple sources (call center, web, internal Snowflake data) into Tealium CDP to identify audience segments and activate across all channels​
  • Used CDP to build exclusion and cart abandonment audiences​
  • Funded new cart abandonment campaign with dollars recouped from newly de-duped acquisition campaign​
  • Next steps include growing existing audiences, identifying new ones, and adding new marketing channels

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