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Improving Visibility through Custom Data Workflow

Project Overview
Project Overview

Our IT client’s data was in various tables in their data warehouse as well as on local spreadsheets. The client needed a reporting solution that would provide their marketing managers with a view of all of their product’s performances compare it to their organizational goals. 

Results area

Concord leveraged Tableau Prep Builder to bring all the data sources into one workflow to create a data model for their new Executive Marketing Funnel dashboard.


As a result, Concord's team:


  • Built brand new custom data workflow to clean and pivot the various data sources so the new data source could easily join to their organizational goals into a single data model for Tableau.
  • Built new executive summary dashboard to track marketing performance at various stages of the customer funnel against goals for both past performance and against forecasted performance
  • Improved reporting visibility and capabilities for the marketing managers to easily track their product performance by region by quarter.

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