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CDP Prompts 21% Increase in Unit Sales​

Project Overview
Project Overview

Our travel and hospitality client's experimentation team was eager to increase the velocity of personalization tests and activities, but their technical debt and martech infrastructure was holding them back. ​


The Concord team was enlisted to help the client: 


  • Redesign their martech infrastructure to include a customer data platform (CDP)​

  • Empower their data science team to add customer segments into the CDP  ​

  • Integrate their CDP with Test & Learn tools and team ​

  • Deploy personalized experiences through the CDP​

Results area

The client's product recommendations ultimately became more sophisticated and tailored to individual customer needs. Existing purchase data,  geo-data, other pertinent information all became invaluable assets in crafting higher quality experiences that resonated with our client’s user base​. Consequently, the client experienced the following advantages:


  • Achieved a notable +21% year-over-year increase in unit sales of the affected products.

  • Gained access to omni-channel reporting and other sought-after forms of web analytics 

  • Eliminated test “cross-contamination” across each of our client’s websites

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