Information Security

Managing the Security Investment

Project Overview
Project Overview

Investment in a cyber security program is a necessity for organizations operating in the digital age. However, managing that investment is more complicated than just throwing money at the issue.

A large energy client was embarking on a critical $2 billion, multi-year transformation project requiring increased investments in their security platform and subject matter expertise, all while undergoing  a major transition with their leadership team. Lacking a steady path and solid team for their security programming, Concord was asked to design and implement a new, company-wide security and IT risk management program, including CISO advisory services.

Results area

Concord immediately pulled together a balanced team of experts to address the company’s current governance, compliance, technology, business and leadership challenges. From there, a multi-year security roadmap and implementation plan was generated that included the following:

  • Managed risk and improved network security by re-architecting the security infrastructure and replacing/upgrading existing solutions
  • Developed security services catalog tied to the client’s reference architecture
  • Implemented managed web application firewalls and security event monitoring and response services

As a result, Concord provided our client with a standardized and repeatable security capability, a matured incident response program and significantly reduced exposure to growing cyber security threats.

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