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Digital Wallet Dilemma

Project Overview
Project Overview

Apple Pay and iOS Apple Wallet enable secure and confidential purchase transactions for consumers. This is great for the user, but not ideal for businesses trying to cultivate and reward loyalty in their customers. Apple included the ability to couple loyalty cards with Apple Pay devices, providing the best of both worlds - less friction in purchasing transactions, plus the ability to create a "known customer" experience.

Concord worked to build out new server capacity and infrastructure across two data centers to support the new services required for loyalty card life-cycle management. Concord ultimately delivered Spring/Java RESTful services that comply with the Apple-published interface specification for maintaining Apple Wallet items, including the creation of signed and compressed PKPASS bundle that represents the customer's loyalty card within the iOS Apple Wallet.

Results area

Our retail client is now able to reward customers for loyalty, regardless of payment type. Concord delivered an on-time rollout of customer-facing functionality, built the foundation for future development of Apple Wallet cards, and infrastructure for expansion into other platforms, such as Google Wallet. Concord also delivered a batch interface for pushing out updates to segments of Loyalty Card holders through push notifications.

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