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Data Overload

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Project Overview
Project Overview

Consider pulling information from every vehicle in a major city's highway during rush hour. Now extrapolate that to pull vehicle data constantly nationwide. It's no small task. Our client is an industry leader in driver safety and security services. They need to collect real-time telemetry information from vehicles on the road, but their existing system could not handle the data burden.


Concord was engaged to streamline the data management and help move their business forward. To create new insights, the Concord team needed to collect metadata in addition to factual telemetry, plus existing data warehouse solutions had to be augmented with a data grid that met analytics computational windows.

Results area

Our client was able to vastly improve response times through the optimization of cache loading functionality. Concord analyzed the platform and its caching component to identify specific changes to architecture and implementation that would improve responsiveness and scalability.

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