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Project Overview
Project Overview

Online shopping has forever changed how consumers interact with retailers. Before the digital age, customers appreciated a one-stop shop, but the nearly limitless online options have forced brick and mortar retailers to rethink their strategy. The name of the retail game has quickly shifted to favor those who adopt the most efficient distribution strategy.

Our predominantly brick and mortar retail client was approaching peak shopping season when they realized the need to overhaul their fulfillment center to keep up with online competitors. With no time to waste, our national client aimed to automate their fulfillment – robot stocker and inventory bin-style. In this high profile project with a tight timeline, Concord was brought in to define technical options for a quick migration and aid in implementation. 

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Concord worked with internal teams to understand the technical integration options and define future goals for the fulfillment center. Given the client’s desire to ultimately transfer fulfillment to the cloud, the Concord team recommended migrating existing architecture and replicating TIBCO interfaces to Apache Camel.

After working through numerous change requests, scope changes, and technology options, Concord supported the production launch of the new, fully automated fulfillment center in time for their consumer peak.

In addition to completing the project under budget, the Concord team implemented further performance optimizations and monitoring schematics to enable the client’s support team with quick and accurate troubleshooting abilities, setting them up for success with any future TIBCO to Camel or Cloud migrations.

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