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Cloud Applications & Integration

Delivering Faster Capabilities

Project Overview
Project Overview



Our national retail client struggled to maintain their legacy data platform and get the proper insights to the marketing and product teams. Recognizing the rising cost of technical debt, they decided to upgrade to a modern platform that would fuel growth and enable rapid delivery of capabilities.




The Concord team helped assess and select the right cloud integration platform for our client’s needs. We migrated the organization to Google Cloud Platform and MuleSoft as an integration platform with API-led connectivity.

With a focus on the proper data integration strategy and an effective data roadmap to get there, our client is able to focus on the customer more clearly than ever before. Our team further helped develop a custom loyalty platform to enable personalized experiences for our client’s customers, improving CLTV and average order size.


Results area
  • $1.5M annual cost savings in marketing by reducing technical debt and associated maintenance costs
  • Rapid delivery of new capabilities using modern architecture
  • 24% increase in average order size from loyalty clients

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